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Becky Butler, Site Owner, Administrator and content developer! Since Dec of 2013.
Becky is active in raising IBD awareness. (Inflammatory Bowel Disease including the scopes of Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.)
I was diagnosed at the age of 19, literal 20 years ago, with Crohn's Disease.
My mom Pauline Butler had Crohn's for 40 yrs, before transitioning home to be with the Lord, through the method of Crohn's to bring her there. She passed in October of 2011. After a 40 year Valiant and now Victorious (she's healed, and captivated in Heaven's gaze, while we fulfill our own separative, individual, yet collective paths.
 My Dad James Butler, is a 37 year, Crohn's Support Spouse to my mom Pauline, who passed of Crohn's in 2011.
I  have 3 beautiful Children, Felicia, Zack and & Ben, and our fabulous grandson, Lyle. 0:)
And my cherished friends, Pat Beyers Jr. Jilly Hansen and Rick Perry and Shelly Hahn, Marybeth Lonnee,  Mitchell Anderson.
 ~And Mrs. Judy Haltunenl Thanks for fostering my creavity!!

~Thank you, ALL of you for helping me to narrate and express the blessings in this life. 0:)

Let My Sentence Come Forth from Thy Presence.....Ps 17:2
For You Lord, Create the Fruit of the Lips Isaiah 57:19

Once, when I realized that other people thoroughly enjoyed reflecting on their past with me in it. I was not some tolerated inconvenience in the way to other's path of purpose and destiny.

I am not an inconvenience, and others don't just put up with me. I am embraced, heard, listened to, and applied when that which I deem fits a certain lesson, which is more often than not.

I've always had issues. Feeling heard, understood, contributory, and applied. I write my words, and people are touched. Maybe this is my goal in life since I achieve it so much.

When do we raise the bar? When it's met or before it's ever attempted?

Do we set out goals that are way beyond our reach or do we grasp the ones that we can keep? A little of both is necessary. Starting a bit off the ground, in order to reach for the stars. Somewhat past the starting point, Knowing that goals are Achievable. Each step helps get us to where we are going, and they are all necessary, forging a path that we can follow as we make way for other's more than just ourselves to get through and achieve the dream. What we’ve gone through maybe makes it a little easier with our experience with which to grasp and guide. Learning that life is Surmountable.

Share your story. You never know who needs your tactics for their own survival guide. Express, Expound. Explain. Reach beyond self and achieve the dream. Set goals, big one’s little one’s God centered, Grasp what is just past your boundaries and attain your goals. Game. Set. Match.

Becky Butler


I came to in the prime of the evening, opening my mind to clarity that had finally returned to me after many days of sheer oblivion to my surroundings and circumstance. 

I noticed, I was tied down to the bed, as I had a ventilator in for I couldn't breathe on my own from double pneumonia and becoming septic. My parent's song was playing on repeat, oddly this comforted me. Behind Closed Doors by Charlie Rich every 15 minutes relaxed and calmed me. As I at this point was still restrained so I wouldn't pull my vent out from sheer human reaction to rid the body of foreign things. 

I was confused but knew I was in a hospital but didn't know where I was. I laid in the dark with the glow of the machines working to keep me. I couldn't speak as I was ventilated still. So when I came to I was stuck with myself, by myself, for myself. Alone. My dad and sister had spent every moment at my bedside but drove the many hours home to get some desperately needed rest and recuperation, as dad too was sick and run down. 

I couldn't signal for anyone in my state of restrained silence. Resistance was futile at this huge weight that oppressed me as I awakened in a strange city, hours and hours away, in a strange hospital, alone. 

But then my friend from the Caymen sent me flowers, and a teddy bear, and the nurse came in giving me the bear and placing the flowers in the hallway nurses station as plants aren't allowed in ICU, which was where I was.

Finally, I heard the nurse coming in. She said she would unrestrain me as long as I promised I wouldn't pull my vent as the body's natural reaction is to remove foreign items, including a life-saving ventilator. I shook my head yes, that I understood and promised not to pull it. They undid the soft cuffs that kept me bound. And I could use the nurse button versus laying silently in my urine until someone had the mercy to come to check on me. They were always kind and professional to the utmost. They took the most compassionate care of me. 

A few days later they took me off the ventilator as I was breathing on my own. I was without my cell phone and any personal belongings. I was in a thoroughly bizarre arena. I was rushed by ambulance the six hours away as I was in full respiratory arrest, my love had to call an ambulance, and first responders piled into our living room and transported me a hospital in another state. I don't remember the ride, the first responders, the rush to get me critical care and help.
I came to in my room alone. Knowing no one's phone number and I was without my cell phone and any of my belongings, I was sent down in sweats and summer shoes. It was the week after a beautiful first Thanksgiving with my family and my love. That went great and then bam, I was instantly thrown under the bus by respiratory arrest and sepsis. Infections that nearly took my life.
After coming to, and surprising the doctors and the nurses with my rapid level of recovery I moved into a regular room, free of all the accouterments that beset me, i.e., feeding tube, ventilator, and restraints.

I had a choice to make alone in this hospital room, whether to wallow or succeed in my recovery process. I prayed to the Lord to make it so that I could have more time with my new love Scott, as we had only been together for six months at that time, and I wanted more time, so I prayed and asked God for more quality time with my amour. I didn't want to be shortchanged on the blessing of true love, so I bargained with the Lord, asking for more to my story, and He mercifully responded in kind.

I expressed my gratefulness to God where I was in the pit of my mess and He showed up mightily on my behalf, taking me from being dependent on machines to survive to praising my King in the midst of my pain. He brought me up and got me out healed and whole. They mentioned me having to possibly go to a nursing home for 6 weeks inpatient to rehab my way into strength enough to be at home. I really didn't want to be inpatient for an additional six weeks as this had already been a 16 day ordeal. So I did my prescribed walks, and then some worship. I constantly worshipped God in the pit and muck and mire of  life. The lowest point I had ever been brought to and God was there with me the entire time, bringing me up and bringing me out of all that beset me. 

I rehabbed like a mad man. Squats, leg lifts, arm resistance training, I did the prescribed amount and then some. I blared my praise in my lowly hospital room and was brought before the Throne in the presence of my God. Who brought me unto Himself and set me free from all that held me back and kept me down. I made it. With the help of hospital staff and God's presence, I made it. My dad and sister were with me daily aside from a few days in between they had to go home to recoup themselves as dad was very ill at the time too. 

I knew that I could wallow or worship in my current state. I chose to worship and let God bring me up and out of this predicament in which I found myself. There in my room, God's presence filled the space that I was in. I put on some Kirk Franklin praise and chose to grab the hem of His garment and hang on for dear life to get through with my faith. I put my worship music on and grabbed hold of Jesus' garment and didn't let go for anything. Not feeding tubes, ventilators, picc lines, oxygen etc.

This recovery was between my God and me. My King. My Source. He was exactly everything I needed to be brought up and out. From the bottom of the pile, He dug me out and rescued me. I am ok now. I really don't have any residual permanent residual effects, and the doctors stated I had brain damage for being out and not remembering the beginning stages of this journey that I found myself on. But I don't, though that depends on who you ask. lol

I was restored and returned to my paramour and our love story. I returned home after 17 days, Scott welcomed me into his arms and held me for the longest time and then proposed in the moments of the night. To which I accepted. We have been together ever since. Our love story was built upon the foundation that is Jesus and is secure in the Lord. 

Together we make it day by day. One breathe, one step, one moment, one minute at a time. Together.

We have a choice to make everyday, to let God in and to bring us up and out no matter what the circumstance or we can wallow in self, helpless, weak and left on our own with no hope. Thank you Lord for Your hope, Thank you Lord for Your help. Thank you for coming through with my breakthrough, every time.

Becky Butler

If only I realized that a semblance is not reality. 

That an image of something does not equate, it's 360-degree being. Images, even when reflecting reality, do not reflect accurately, especially in our minds. We get versions, edited, and filtered through pain and decimation. Rarely do we see through healing and restoration.
Our view is left askew by the trails we've taken in life — those turns we took when we should have remained still. Altering forever, our perceptions held in various cliches that form in heart and the mind. The mind imagines the heart replays those things that try to hurt us in our day to day through rumination and bringing up, again and again, leaving our Spirit with the dry heaves of exhaustion.

Lord, help me to sever this tie, that unto me loves to lie, speaking distortion and malfeasance to bring me down and keep me low. Help me so soar above the much and the mire, the smoke, and the fire. Raise me above and let me see with your view all that smolders below is not meant for me. The ruins of the past are just that. Passed. Over. Done. Ruined. Complete. Finished. Leave it there.

Do not rummage through it for what can be saved as a semblance of a time of turmoil. Why would you want to take those favors with you? Reminders of destruction and absolute decimation and ruin? Soar. Soar. Soar. Let the Lord lift you above, dry your tears and release within clarity so you can truly see what is meant for you, and what is meant for the garbage heap. Somethings we ought not to keep. Ever. 

Soar. Rise above. See the view from places anew. Shape your perception.

Becky Butler

Dancing your heart out, instinctively interpreting motion as music that fills the space between heart and mind, residing in the Spirit to express truth.
Through movement, an expression is given. Meaning is juxtaposed with muscle memory releasing visions captivation of truth without exception.  Courage.

Becky Butler

Earliest memories,
In preschool, cutting outside the lines of the circle making a jagged-edged oblong shape that resembled anything but it was supposed to. A metaphor for life. 
Red paper, metal scissors, green handled grips, black outline upon the page waiting to be cut into shapes. The one as directed and the one that flowed from areas of creativity and mistake. Often we view what is outside the lines as wrong, as something that does not belong in uniformed society. But we are uniquely our own, gifted and crafted in the heart and hand of God to be a reflection of Him in all that we do. Good and bad. He takes whats outside the lines and makes it a part of our being, using all for His glory. Where we can't, He can.

Becky Butler

Earliest memories,
In preschool, cutting outside the lines of the circle making a jagged-edged oblong shape that resembled anything but it was supposed to. A metaphor for life. 
Red paper, metal scissors, green handled grips, black outline upon the page waiting to be cut into shapes. The one as directed and the one that flowed from areas of creativity and mistake. Often we view what is outside the lines as wrong, as something that does not belong in uniformed society. But we are uniquely our own, gifted and crafted in the heart and hand of God to be a reflection of Him in all that we do. Good and bad. He takes whats outside the lines and makes it a part of our being, using all for His glory. Where we can't, He can.
Earliest memories,
In preschool, cutting outside the lines of the circle making a jagged-edged oblong shape that resembled anything but it was supposed to. A metaphor for life. 
Red paper, metal scissors, green handled grips, black outline upon the page waiting to be cut into shapes. The one as directed and the one that flowed from areas of creativity and mistake. Often we view what is outside the lines as wrong, as something that does not belong in uniformed society. But we are uniquel

If you could be anyone for 24 hours, who would you be and why?

I would choose to be Jesus so that I could look at myself and see myself through the eyes of healing and love. Not through distortions of a filtered life. But to see all that I've been created to be, do, go, and have. I am determined to do what I can, with what I have, with where I'm at, for those I love. And those I've yet to meet.

I would see myself through God's perspective and perception and concept of all that is Becky, of all that is me. I would see not through fractured pixel, but with clarity and scope into my being and purpose from above ordained of God. Who I  was meant to be, created to be, designed to be, ordained to be, crafted to be.

All that I've been and all that I will become through eyes of acceptance, reception, mercy,  and grace. I would reach forth with healing in my hands and touch the areas that have not been graced by God's peace and brush those areas with His presence so that I can be free from all that entangles me.

Lord, hold my footsteps when I walk as my feet slip when I walk on my own. 

Becky Butler Prose Photo:Unknown
Crohn's knows no limits but God. God draws a line in the sand and says, Thus far and no more. Touch not mine anointed. So He can say affliction have your way and see how my people stick to me.
No storm will separate them from the height and depths of my love.

I am with my people, and I am their God, they follow me to get through, and I part the waters and dry up the dirt that they may cross while the enemy is consumed by the very thing that my people had to go through to escape. I swallow up all that comes against you. It doesn't mean that things' don't come against you. They do.

They press on every side, they try to overwhelm and do a hostile takeover of your life and purpose. But, God. But, God! But, God showed up and made a way of escape where there was no way. He can do it. He is not bound by our limitations, and thankfully He looses us from our own limits and shows us With God ALL things are possible. With God, NOTHING shall be impossible.

There are no limits to the restoration God wants to wreak in our life.  If God be FOR us, who can be against us? Nothing can be against us. Our battles and wars that we fight and become fatigued by, God is not. He goes before us and fights our battles for us. May we rest in the Shadow of His wings and allow His love to cover our being. Lord, have Your way, this day and every day.

Becky Butler

Infusing coffee, waiting for the boost to hit me, and make me come alive in clarity and thought. This morning I have come to find the sense of my being. The purpose in my life. Writing may way through. Juxtapositioning pain with prayer. 

Pain is a daily for me, and prayer is moment by moment in my day. As I'm plagued by chronic illness I struggle to maintain a semblance of normalcy. Writing, editing, printing, producing. Should I be writing or resting? I prefer to write. But my body also needs rest, my mind needs reprieve from all that wages war against me.

Do you ever awaken in vivid dream, unbeknownst what is life and what it seems? What do we deem our lives to be? A message of mercy, love, acceptance and grace, sets itself to take it's place transforming me from solitude into collaborations blessed
God has knit me to whom I need in this life to succeed. I'm thankful for the friendships, partnerships and patterns of love that lie in life. A kaleidoscope of pattern continually captivates, destructive images of times past. Zeroing in on what needs to be had. Write it out, the good and bad. Just balance it out with prayer and praise. God will extend His grace in our days.

Becky Butler

There is purpose in expression. When we express the inward places and their depth, there is a purposeful reason as to why this is where the delicacies of identity, remain, at times hidden, not being ready to reveal. There are areas kept from even self. 

Connecting with your truth is purposed in destiny. You were created on purpose, in purpose, with purpose, for purpose.  Our being belies that which is on the inside, be it positivity, negativity, or neutrality, which can be just as destructive as being negative. Remaining neutral does nothing to define or articulate identity or keys to purpose.

We are left standing still, sitting stalled, limited, and about to give up, which is right where neutrality desires to take you. NOWHERE.

A neutral position or gear gets you no where. No map needed, no gas required because we are not going anywhere in this state of mind or condition.

The key to expression is the ability to be and the retention of being honest. It is easy to momentarily be honest with ourselves. We all have moments of sentient clarity. Do we then bat our eyes, flitting our lashes as subconscious means to deflect and rid ourselves of anything that gets in the way of our carefully, meticulously conditioned life?
 ………………………….becky butler 

Postures of Prayer...…..

I am blessed in knowing the importance of the stance of prayer. The power that comes from kneeling before God in response to my circumstance, giving Him sanctuary in my being. All of His word is a benefit to me. I am blessed.

I again refer to this posture's significance of kneeling before my King, allowing His reign to have its way in my being. Let me be a reflection of who You are, to those You want to reach, including myself. 

Help me to see You as You are, to allow Your glory to reflect a prism in the broken places of life, where Your light refracts and shines Your colors of promise so brightly. Thank you for the spectrum of expectation in my life. May I rise to meet them and fulfill my destiny in Your purpose.

Thank you for bending the light and causing it to bow after the rains. I'm grateful for your colors of promise that fill my areas of gray. I'm honored that You brighten my days with Your Son's rays.

May Your face shine upon me and may all that I do, be a glorifying reflection of You.

Becky Butler

I love you in the solitude of day,
When the clock ticks and time has its way. 

I look for you in the trees, in the skies, and the moments that I am alive.  I love you in the mornings when I wake, and your face is the first thing I see. I love you in the night, upon my bed, tucked in the sheets when slumber elusively escapes me. 

I seek you in the stress that leaves me feeling bereft. When I don't know where to look or whom to go, I find Your face and feel your embrace lifting me above all that rages beneath. 

You keep me from getting swept up in the chaos of my days, You still me, heal me, and have Your way. My life to you Oh, Lord, I give, help me to soar, help me to live.

becky butler prose, Dot O'Donnell Photo

Angst, twisted within and torn about. Pain rails unencumbered, having free range through the entirety of my being.

Basic things become complicated when pain launches an assault against my very purpose, keeping me down when I want to go and do. I must listen to my body and heed its warnings and signs to exhale, let go and drift off.

Thank you, Lord, for Your spirit of wonder. In the quiet of the night, and the noise of the day. Let Your miraculous take its place. Have Your way for I am Yours. You are my all in all and I long to see You as You are.

I still myself in Your word and Your truth. Your love letter to me. Thank you Jesus.

Becky Butler Prose, Photo Dot O'Donnell

Crohn's companion...…..

My companion returns to greet my evening. Poking around and grumbling inside, looking about for the next place to decimate. I am emptied, wrung, wiped, and anguished. This plague, intertwined within my being that reacts to things unaware. 

Spending much time in reflection has helped to lessen some of the intensity. While other areas have become raw at the more robust lessons life teaches, when the afflict won't quit, when the pain won't drain, when the end is nowhere to be found, we have to learn to continue despite. We must continue to dream despite our circumstantial night terrors. Live beyond the haunting's of yesterday's doubts, seek the One whom it is all about
I am sustained and maintained every step in every breath. My God is faithful. Always faithful. Ever present and always welcomed in my life. Ignite my spirit to catch Your promise that You will see me through every day, this one, until the last one. Thank you, Jesus.

Becky Butler


It was the message that I never wanted. The diagnosis that I rejected. Absurd was the notion that I had the same illness that my mother had and battled for decades. She was good at it too. Fighting her demons left her with numerous scars of a victorious life lived on the battlefield. For me, coping with something that I couldn't fathom as reality was quite the conundrum. Denial is a huge part of the diagnosis.  The stages of grief do come into play. I pushed away from this diagnosis as if it would leave at my expression of repugnance. Incredulous upon its utterance by the doctor. You have Crohn's disease. 

 Do I? Wait, I can't. My mom has that. I can't have what she has, as I knew how she struggled. I didn't want to walk the same path, through genetics. But God. Thank God for God. My mother ran to God each and everytime setting a firm foundation and a sterling example of His grace and joy through the most trying of circumstance.

I, on the other hand,  don't' have time for this. I don't want to adjust my life to this. I don't want to consent and give it place. I don't want to make room for this. I don't want to add it to my schedule for the day, making allotments for pain. There is no room, in my brain, in my body, in my spirit. I don't want this. Lord, please take it from me. But He didn't. What He did was taught me how to run to Him through all of it. He takes me up when my illness rages. He raises me above when things attack. He gives me sustenance to continue. I am stable only in Him. 

I'd lose my sanity with this disease as it rages on year after year, decade after decade. Bringing me beyond what I thought I couldn't deal with, pushing me beyond into pain levels unmatched. But God. Just like with my mother. God gets me through. The scars are proof that I fought and SURVIVED because I'm a WARRIOR, and so are you.

Becky Butler

Five years ago, I didn't realize how hard I'd have to fight for a semblance of normalcy. That it would take all I had and then some to get through, and it still bowled me over. The only thing I could do was hang on to Jesus. I run after my God, to seek my King, and find Him amid my mess, open arms willing to embrace, to hold and pick me up and take me out of the trenches that I've been in for far too long.

Five years ago, I didn't understand how I would struggle, and also how every single one of my dreams surpassed my confined mind's goals. I have had to let go of things I desperately wanted to be permanent in my life. But I have learned through letting go of the things not meant for me and letting God that I am where I need to be. In the presence of my Lord.

Five years ago, I didn't know I would put down the gift that I have been graced with and not do anything with it for a few years. I permitted my giftings to go dormant so that I could cope with my reality. I have found that I trust, I need my God and my giftings from Him, to carry me through and to deal effectively with whatever I face.

Five years ago, I was unaware of how hard it would be to pick up again. But I knew beyond any measure of doubt in my Spirit that I needed to continue in the craft that keeps me. Writing my way through has always been how I achieve. I process and confront all that rages against me on the inside. Then I lay it at God's feet and permit Him the place of process and perspective in my life that I may see through His eyes and not my occluded humanistic vision that only sees in part. I give my all to the Lord and know that as He's carried me thus far, I will continue until my race is not simply done, but won.

Becky Butler

Today I choose to write my Truth, which reflects my confidence in my confidant. Lord, you are my confidant. I can confide and trust in you completely. 

You've formed my every frame, you've knit my very being. You know my every thought, and your thoughts toward me are more than the sands of the sea. It seems like that's all you could do is believe in me. But that's the Spirit of your omnipotence. 

You have no beginning, you have no end. We can only think in spatial concepts of time to acknowledge Your presence. We may encompass eternity from a never-ending futuristic perspective, but It's harder to fathom One without a beginning. One who is, I am. We have a start, you have no end. 

You are linear in number, going both ways, all the way back to yourself, and all the way forward to you and every in-between is you. You are the alpha, the omega, the beginning, and the end.

Thank you for giving me my measure of faith. Help it to grow. Help me to express what's on my heart by sharing what's in your heart. Thank you for being my friend, my love, my confidant, my Jesus.

Becky Butler Prose Dot O'Donnell Photo

I was born in the midst of Crohn’s disease, this plague of naught. Weak, unable, I was kept under the lights as a preemie that caused a lifetime’s fear of darkness. If things were left to the devices of the imagination of my mind, I was not indeed fine.

I grew up years younger than my siblings, almost an only child. I was the baby. I spent a lot of time alone and wrote my way through life and circumstance even then. My parents fostered my creativity and purchased my typewriter that began my journey on the road to writing for my best self.

I wrote my first official book that was published in 2001 “Healed Infideliities," I then began writing a plethora of poetry that culminated in me writing for photographs taken by friends all over the country. Pairing me up with unique persons and personalities, allowing the Vision to shine for the Expression and a place where the Expression is released into the Vision. Culminating in a place called Vision's Expression.

In the midst of Crohn’s, I live, I write, I struggle, I hurt. In the midst of Crohn’s, I fight, I do, and I succeed.

I was diagnosed in 1995 at the age of 19, the year my son was born, we were on vacation. Fatigue took me. I struggled to get through what we were supposed to be taking in on our trip. I was fit and in shape but so pained and fatigued that I dragged myself along wondering what on earth was wrong.

Later at the hotel, I had the first known symptoms of Crohn’s disease rear in my being. Blood loss and pain, a colonoscopy, and diagnosis later, my life forever changed. What I thought would maybe be a once in awhile illness, with occasional surmountable flares, turned out to be life augmenting. Truth altering. Reality shattering. I didn’t expect it's permanence.

It sticks with me, goes where I go. I cannot escape or shut it off. I am subject to its bidding and subject to it’s begging. It commands a huge range in the audience of my life. Dealing, learning, avoiding, triggering, reacting, hurting, healing, helping, counting, and meaning. 

I choose to live despite. I choose to fight. I choose to pray. I choose to trust. I choose in my God to rest.

Becky Butler

I'm elated when I'm writing productively with a flow of creativity moving seamlessly from one form into another altogether different being.

I'm elated that my to-do list includes writing out four author-signed copies for shipping tomorrow to those who have ordered them. I'm overjoyed that I am living my dreams, and they are amazingly coming true.  I am awe-filled at the reality that is my life. Thank you, Jesus, for igniting the skies on my behalf and letting the stars shine for me. 

I have a hard time when a child is not heard. Granted, I probably didn't listen to my kids at super length, but I'll for dang sure listen to all my grandkids want to tell me, and then some and I will walk slow so they can keep up. It's me who has to see if I can keep up. But grandkids let you dial it back and slow it down and breathe it in and exhale out endless encouragement for them, continuous and dedicated support.


Shaping the future by validating one's voice and letting one be heard. 

becky butler

This photo of the Sun shining clearly on this winter's day a few years back is a miracle. We needed to get a flight out; a mother was flying to say goodbye to her son as he deployed into the Kingdom of God at the end of his life.

We had blizzards, 30 inches of snow, a whiteout with no way to get out. Many flights canceled from our tiny airport, but this was a flight that was necessary as she had to travel cross country to hold her son one last time.

I prayed all morning that the weather would break long enough to get the plane up. With eight previously canceled flights, this flight took off in one piece only ten minutes late and got there in time to hold her son and kiss him sweet, "Until we meet again." Thank you. Jesus.

The skies literally parted and the sun came out and shined brightly and every flake in the sky was stilled.

becky butler

God is AWARE!
This is an awareness ribbon that God formed in my apple tree. When we feel He doesn't know what is going on, this promise shows us He is ever aware of the things we deal with and the things we face.
He is aware, and awakened to our voice. He knows the concerns of our heart and cares about the things that we care about and goes forward and makes our crooked places straight and makes a way where there is NO WAY, He promises us, not that we won't have crooked places but that He will make them straight at some point we won't remain crooked all of our lives. The kinks in the line get filled when we let the water (of the word) rush through and have it's way and truth in our lives.

Ps 139:17-18 For how precious are thy thoughts unto me, O God! How great is the sum. -18- I should count them, they are more in number than the sand: when I awake I am still.

Photo and Prose Becky Butler


The tattered results of consumed beauty,

Withered wings represent the storms we've made it through.

Scars speak of the journey's experience and the reflection of damages. What are you doing to produce your best life?

The masterpiece of a butterfly painted in the heart of God leaves us in awe at the designs and patterns that shine through the tattered place, inspiring us to continue on despite the raging storms.

Make it through, to soar, let the migration take you into the New as we 

are graced us with your presence.

Flit and fleeting, beauty is captured for brief moments alighting upon nectar's source. Beauty shines despite and because of the hard times in life. That tattered places carry us through just as much as the smoothed ones do.

Becky Butler Prose,  Holly Mullins Photok here to edit text

Happy New Year 2020! His mercies are new every morning.

Lamentations 3:22-24
-21-This i recall to my mind, therefore I have hope.
-22- The Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.
-23-They are NEW EVERY MORNING, great it thy faithfulness.
-24- The Lord is my portion, saith my soul, therefore I will hope in Him.
Hope-to be patient, hope, trust, wait.
Mercies-kindness, beauty, favor, good deed,

NEW-fresh, new thing. be new, renew, repair, rebuild.

Isaiah 43:19-Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth, shall ye not know it. I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

2 Corinthians 5:17 therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away. behold all things become NEW.
-18-And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation.

Reconcile is the greek word Katalasso and means to reconcile completely and change from one thing to another. 

Ephesians 4:23-24 -23-Be RENEWED in the Spirit of your mind.
 -24-That ye put on the New man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness. 

Happy New Year. 

2020 The year of reconciliation and metamorphosis.

Reconciliation talks about an exchange from one form into me, that is a metamorphosis.

People speak of a caterpillar turning to a butterfly as this elegant, transformation and it is, but people don't think of the in between to get to that place in life to soar and take flight.
God often breaks us down, cause we've been crawling too long. Our destiny is not in this place of brokenness. But when enveloped by God, the breaking down and dissolves you of past circumstances that have held you back.

So blessed when we let God have a crack. Cause we aren't meant to stay in the cocoon either. That's not destiny. We need to know we WILL get through and beyond the goo stages of life.
Emerging graceful. Elegant, serene, enchanted. Captivating beauty upon whatsoever it lands. Made new, made whole to take finally take flight and to finally soar.

Prose Becky Butler Photo Roxanne Billing


Numbers 6:24-26 (NIV)


24 “‘“The Lord bless you

    and keep you;

25 the Lord make his face shine on you

    and be gracious to you;

26 the Lord turn his face toward you

    and give you peace.”’

May this be where we are this day, kept in the heart and hand of God. May His grace make the way. May His love make the day. May His face shine upon us this day and in the coming days, weeks, year. 

Thank you, Oh Lord, for Blessing my 2019. Even though I struggled you've parted the waters before me and made the crooked places straight. I lay my need before You and know you will continue to be my way of escape in the things that beset me in times to come.  

Thank you for blessing my days, weeks, moments, months, and years. Thank you for getting me up, getting me on, and getting me through all I face and unto You. Thank you, Lord for seeing me through this blessed, stressed, graced, based, amazingly, wonder-filled and Victorious year. 

May we carry Your love, light and, grace into our hearts and shape the world we live with your Truth. Thank you for the shelter of Your wings, thank you for keeping us from things, bring us through things, and bringing us to blessing. Thank you Jesus. 

becky butler


What a blessed and graced year. Vision's Expression is doing exceptionally well. May my Vision Express Your Omniscient Reflections.

May I bring to you every area of dereliction, physical, Spiritual, and emotional. May You guide me to Your presence and pour forth Your essence ever upon my being, shaping my world, making it amazing.

becky butler

Sickness Shaming...

I've written about this a few times. It's so prevalent in society. Anything negative gets denied. What's with that? I speak with people I love and strangers who have said drink this, eat that, stand on your get better, and if I'm not better I'm not doing it good enough, or not faithful to God enough, or "enough" enough.

Sickness ravages my body. Daily. I'm on oxygen. I have emphysema, and there is no cure. I have Crohn's and there is no cure. I have pain every day. Mostly severe and unbearable, it's why i write so much. It gets me through to articulate it. I start in the reality of where it is I am at that moment, be it joy, be it pain, be it sun, be it rain, and I write my way through to the other side, literally from the darkness into the light. 

From illness into illumination, for purpose and distinction,  God uses what we can't do. Sometimes things are the way they are. God told us to glory in what We need His ability to do, with the things we can't and need a Savior.

For me, that's everything.

To do daily with my King what I can't do on my own, I bring myself daily before the Throne and ask the Lord to have His way today, every day.

becky butler

Vacancy left by empathy's drought has absorbed every crave and, conciliations run out. Alone, shrouded in self's armored protection of doubt and insecurities, keeping huddles with the masses, not wanting to stand out, make way, or give point when lost in an ever tempestuous sea. 

Vision occluded by waters deep, as salt's mist stings' the cheek. Where once flowed and freely so emotion that need be made known. Aware of self's obtuseness, holding captive our very use and purpose. Our essence once recognized, now occluded by semblance and facade. 

Mainly the ones toward self,  where "I'm not good enough," for what exactly is left unknown choosing to reside ever in a state of lack. For why would one put forth so much effort to be and be made known? It's far easier to stay hidden behind stones thrown.

We aren't meant to traverse this path in isolation and into seclusion. The solitude of the path is meant to forge into clarity's grasp, that our vision is no longer downcast. Whereas each step  has said "Outcast." This journey's path leads ever toward the revelation that we are "Sought out and sought after." Alone we no longer go, into the depths of the great unknown, for with us always is a Friend, who will choose to walk with us to the very end. 
                                                                                                     becky butler photo and prose

Crohn's stings deeply,
and with menacing affliction.

Tinging everything with tortured anguish,
causing tremendous ache.

Contortions, twisted, inside is conflict
Words fail in this state. I dwell before my King,
battered, beaten yet never defeated.

The grieving ache that separates, I give to You
to obliterate,   Piercing announcements that
gripe, hurt and stress in convulsing dismay.

Pain is a biting derangement of circumstance,
where strain corrodes the mind, methodically over time.

                                          becky butler photo and prose

Overwhelm in the moment carries into life,
sustained of thoughts plagued of nought.

The understanding must come at moments overwhelm,
this is not life’s continuous song. 

Melodies of thought play on when unencumbered.
Resistance is needed when negative scripts run so freely,
and at times allay the thought and the reality,
that periods of time deemed be to much for me,

Messages inscribed on skin, in ink, in pen,
Meanings you don’t want to forget in
this life’s significance.
                                                   Becky Butler Prose, Logan Karrio, Photo

Put your very heart's beat and leave the entirety of your essence upon all you do. Let who it is that you are be revealed. Moments we can hang on to find their way and see us through. Minutes pass in perfection or absolute dereliction. We can cherish the treasures that time has for us released.
We can pass right by them in the guise of being too busy in this life. 

Stop and look around you, there is Joy, Peace, and Happiness when we pause to appreciate, versus pushing blindly past.
Busy minutes do not last. The intimate moments are what end up being cherished. When we bypass the truth and selfishly take the lead, we rob ourselves, alone and completely.

None to blame but self, when we place our appreciation for life atop the shelf, to access later, when time permits; time cruelly runs down the clock and minutes, forcing beloved treasures to remain ever limited.

When the realization of all that's been lost through impatience and determination's insistence, stop and see what it really is that we need, to stop for another, letting tender moments lead. Or the spinning wheel of life's endless busyness.

Areas we will always be pulled in, but take stock, is this where you want to go or end up? A choice is made each we that we fill our cup. Stress and strain will ever remain. Make the time to ensure that LOVED is maintained and enforced.

For in the end the hours of work are not what gets grafted upon the heart, but the moment and minutes that we truly played a part to bring into fruition, time, security trust, love, and laughter with another; for this is what will be remembered.

At the end when the life we've lived burns down to embers, it isn't the things or stuff that will be treasured. But the moments of being there, giving yourself in love, it is by this, we need to be measured. .......................becky butler

We are Yoopers. Yooper strong. , Raging mud won’t wash out our petals. We bloom despite the mud, in the mud, through the mud. We are a hearty people, we are a loving and caring people. May the multiplication and exponentiation of Gods grace be multiplied and squared many times in this beautiful community of people loving neighbors as themselves. Pray for us. It’s needed. Recovery begins. Thank you to all the helpers, the helpers of the helpers and the families affected. May we clean up, rebuild, and continue in strength, like we know how. May Gods grace piece it all together, one piece at a time. Like a puzzle, until the vision is complete. God Bless the Copper Country. Gods Country. 

Photo and Prose Becky Butler

Moments in life that truly matter, sharpen much our view for us, so on the blessings, we can more clearly focus. God Himself, in His trust, heals the places that need mending.  The needle must first pierce the fabric, before starting the mending process, of all that wreaked havoc amidst the stitching together of the material.

Torn places now stitched tightly, stronger than the original. We are the fabric. The tears are the effect of life throughout the years.

Stitched together, for Jesus, is the thread that reinforces damaged regions with extra trusses for the privacy of healing. The yarn is God's love and allows reconciliation to be inhabited and solidified in shielding any future plans from damage to be what the grace of God has extended. 

When God is our source of love, life happens, for His love for us and our love for Him together create beneficially. Don't get in the way, let it happen, for together this will fashion the shift life that needed extending, to continually dwell within what blesses, versus being stuck with what stresses. Perspective.................becky butler

Truss and Support...….

 Hope and reassurance, through exhortation, is irreplaceable. May we strive or to build and repair, rather than leave in shambles, when feeling powerless against having an effect. Be who YOU are, and don't hold back. Don't hide the character within. Express in the moment, for those muddling through life, one day, one step, one breath, one moment at a time. Allow the momentum of encouragement to lift and support. We need each other to get through.

Together we are strong, fastened, reinforced, and shored up our screws may be loose, but we can still choose to be a support beam in life, releasing us into the dimension of support team. Love and acceptance cement the foundation upon which we stand. Interlocked and dovetailed is key to remaining, maintaining, and sustaining each other. May we continually be open to remodeling the stagnant, dated, dilapidated areas in life.

May those around us see the difference, When we permit the smoothing of the rough places and allow the carving out of our being, the molding and reshaping can take place so that we can truly stand sturdy, stable and able in our

Photo Rick Perry, Prose Becky Butler

Eyes moist and sting with mist as I tenderly reminisce, from misconceptions of this life’s promise. Tears can bring clarity in those places that we need to see. When thoughts are cluttered and incomplete, let the heart and Spirit meet.  Only then will we begin to see the true emergence of intimacy that brings sustained unity. 

Fate bequeaths happenstance, for everything has been left to chance. So it is on this I choose, to direct my path and change my view, away from things I know consume.  At times, when we find our road is rough, some weaken, and some toughen up. Neither is the goal you see, for this drives self from unity, closing the doors and connections that we need.

We all want and need someone in life to pay heed to all that remains to be said. Our thoughts and voice validated.

Bonds forged, ties bind, tethering our hearts and mind. To escape we often choose the lesser path away from view solitude when in use constructively can be quite the muse. But within self, we cannot remain, we need each other to be sustained.

Becky Butler Prose, Rachel Lambropolous Photo

Be the Voice that Changes Crohn's

Our GI's need to learn that patients who are having symptoms that aren't in the textbook, but rather in the footnote, are as legitimate as classic cases.  This disease run's the gamut of mouth to rectum, and also the gamut of extra intestinal manifestations, eye irritation, skin disorders, mouth disorders, kidney trouble, liver agitation, gall bladder and pancreatic inflammation, so the systemic nature of Crohn's need's  to be addressed, and these foot note symptoms need to be realized and acknowledged as part of the anguish that patients with Crohn's suffer through, esp when your symptoms are in the footnote of the textbook and not the bold font paragraph's of classic markers of this disease. It is just a detrimental to our quality of life as much as the expected course is, but it is also topped of with skepticism, and doubt on the physicians behalf that the patient has in some way is off their rocker.  

Physicians need to be aware of and treat the entire gamut of this disease, physical, mental, emotional, and of course intestinal. I have found that the greatest benefit a physician can supply a patient is an attentive ear, and an open mind to consider all symptoms mentioned, as serious legitmate, and not misconstrued or dismissed.  We are our own advocate, we are the only one's who can adequately relay what we experience to our physician's and the office calls, or procedural process is the time for us to open our mouth and inform our physician until they get it. Make a continual exerted effort to speak your symptoms resolved by medication or surgery and those unresolved, including the side effects of the medications we take, as those alone can cause a whole host of trouble, so we must be the VOICE of CROHN'S the FACE of CROHN'S and the ADVOCATE of CROHN'S by using the only thing we can, our mouth. Speak, speak, speak.  

We are raised in a society that deems the physician is the expert and we are lay people. While in essence this is true, we are the patients; the one going through and suffering this dreadful disease. A good doctor is one who does not play God, who is open to their patients, listens to them, follows up on what they say, and perform tests and procedures to treat, and identify the cause of our complaint, not to simply dismiss a patient as an uninformed who doesn't know anything about why they are in the office to begin with.  This dynamic has to change, and it changes with us!  It changes through our voice!  Be the change you want to see in the course of Crohn's, so that others may benefit from the trail you have blazed simply by SPEAKING.....................beckybutler ©

Medication is a necessity, not a luxury. But it is categorized in this country and price gouged into luxury items and not, a necessity. At one point, people took the meds their doctors prescribed. Now people piece out pills and dole out meds to make them last and to keep their cash. It shouldn't be such a burden to follow your doctor's orders in this country. If it's prescribed, it ought not to be gouged. We seem to forget what Medical "Need" really means. May we not have to reach beyond the now and borrow against our tomorrow's to feel a little better today. Becky Butler
We don't share the positive anywhere near enough. I think, that's the key. First of all, DO NOT write for ANY BODY other than YOURSELF, almost like JOURNALING mostly, (that way it will free flow, and you can pull out the phrases you like and discard the one's you don't.

 DO NOT be CRITICAL of what you write, these are YOUR experiences, that HAPPENED, and your PERSPECTIVE, which is NEVER WRONG, it's simply YOURS. So, write freely, from the heart, just start with recent stuff, or things you remember that meant something to you, be they small, big, or in between, noticed by masses or simply just you, even fuzz on the carpet, oddly enough. But, start with reality if that's positive stay there. I try to write and be positive and uplifting, There are times that I start there, and stay there. 

There are times I am NO WHERE near positivity, and I start out with the ABSOLUTE REALITY of where I am, again, I write freely and pull the phrases I like or that stick out to me, NO ONE OTHER THAN ME, cause remember it's your PERSPECTIVE being shared, and NO ONE ELSE'S, otherwise they can write their own, bits and pieces, you don't need anyone's TWO CENTS, you are rich enough within to cover all the areas you need, paper and pen, or paper and pencil, truly all you need. 

Then, if I am in a NEGATIVE state I write UNTIL it hit's the POSITIVE, FIRST, cause that's where I NEED TO BE, and truthfully that's where others need to be.  Of course my faith is a big part, as I know, a lot of this is a gift, and I cannot insult the Source by being ignorant, so I'm truly thankful. Thank you Jesus! ......Becky Butler

The tribulation all of us are facing as humans in Satan's system. The bible foretells it will collapse because this world cannot go on much longer without Gods divine intervention, but it will get worse before better. 

All the bible prophecies will come true that we will throw our money in the streets because it will eventually save no one. Collapse of monetary organizations and religious organizations and then finally Satan's organization. 

So we will just have to wait on Him to handle it and lovingly help while it is in our hands to do so and bring all glory to God along the way. He alone will be our saving grace. These are the things I think of while I am awake or asleep.

 Wake and sleep with a heart of gratitude and then the hands of a servant I lovingly offer. I am nothing but dust and clay but I am his dust and clay. Happily I belong to him.

Written by Jill Meyer. 

Put your heart in all you do. Let who you are be revealed. Moments we can hang onto, find your way and see us through. Minutes pass at times and perfection and others absolute seeming dereliction. We can cherish the treasures that time has for us scheduled. Or we can pass right by them in the guise of been too busy with life. Stop and look around you, there is joy, peace and happiness when we pause to appreciate versus pushing blindly past. 

Busy minutes do not last, but intimate moments are what end up being cherished. When we bypass the truth and selfishly take the lead, we rob ourselves absolute and complete. None to blame but self, when we place our appreciation for life a top the shelf. To access later when time permits, but time cruelly runs down and ends up forcing beloved treasures to remain unfound. When the realization of all that’s been lost, through impatience and determinations cost.

Stop and see what it is that we really need. To stop for another, letting tender moments lead. The spinning the wheel of life’s endless busy need. Areas we will always be pulled. Take stock, for it helps the perception of where it is that you want to go or end up. The choices made each day we fill our cup. Stress and strain will ever remain. Make the time to ensure that love is always maintained and sustained.

 For in the end, the hours of work or not what is grafted on the heart. Rather the moments and minutes that we ourselves truly played a part to bring into fruition love, security and trust. This is what will be remembered. At the end, when the life we’ve lived burns down to embers, it isn’t the things and stuff that will be treasured. But the moments of being, giving yourself and love. This is the standard we need ought to be measured........Becky Butler Prose Marybeth Lonnee Photo

Embrace the Dance Jan 2014 

Embrace the dance, profess it’s beauty so that others and you can see it clearly. Dance with and fully embrace wherever It is you’re happen to be placed. Victory belongs to those who choose to dance through the sorrow and waltz into beauty. Take the hand of life and go, twirled upon tips of toes, With a firm grasp in this partnership, and what it is to truly live. Balanced and poised, not happenstance, but form and choice, your specific stance. Do you embrace life whether it’s against your back, or has spun you lose, it is up to you to choose, to forge this life into art. Beginning, first with your outlook, head up, chin down, and don’t allow that lip to frown. 

For joyous fun and love is one when we are partnered with the right One. Who holds and molds are frame, ensuring that the proper steps in life take place, not by chance or random occurrence. But planned out for a purpose. Passion sets alight the eyes, and life is reflected when there is no guise. Choose not to stay on the sides and simply watch life pass you by. It is easy to ignore the music and stay off the dance floor. But spectators we are not, we live but once, so take a shot. 

Wrapped around the profound, the steps we choose do abound. Poise is what is released when we are open to being swept off our feet. Balance is required, shoulders back yet relaxed, don’t let each moment tax, but flow freely, completely relaxed. Life is worth every step even when it is we learn and may step upon another’s toes, for this is how we learn and grow. Don’t let the frustration at the beginning, stop you from pursuing. Time and patience is something earned in the process of each step that’s learned. 

Set in motion, life is fun, every experience is one to learn from. Poise and Grace are the result of living our lives fully involved. Joy can’t help but beam and shine, as we twirl, twist and move, erasing doubt that once bloomed. Take the time to find a groove, embrace this life and choose to dance, taking it by the hand with each step that you choose, continue to ever capture the view. Choose to be captivated with each step and live a life that leaves you breathless. Ecstatic that you took the chance and chose this life to begin to dance.........Becky Butler

Pain such a pain, I digress. Remove the oppression that’s on my chest. My shoulders ache from the weight of all it is I continually face. Attempts to tune out such afflicted ail, within ourselves we do fail. Discomposed we become, when such hurt overcomes, no more effect, as self is numbed. Disheveled we look as composure depletes, I’ve morphed into someone I know I’m not, not in the least. I wonder when or if this will ever stop. A nuisance of notions shared by some, can be completely inappropriate and unwelcome. When “it’s not that bad, it can’t hurt that much,” Unable to fathom when concerns failed to touch.

 Many won’t stop or take the time to learn what it is that churns inside.
There are times, when the afflict won’t quit, but it ultimately comes down to how we deal with it. Even though the day is bad, there is still a choice there to be had. Not to tune out how we feel, for pain can be unbelievably real. Brought to my knees more than once, I know this postures significance. Humbled by what I go through, I make the choice of Who I run to.

Some may see and understand, others won’t want to take the chance, in the place were no words abound. So away, it is some choose to stay, not knowing what or how to say, what’s needed in the day to day. But, this of all is the simplest, listen and allow my voice to express. I don’t look for you to be my cure, I just would like you to reassure. Simply be by my side and walk with me, don’t choose to hide. Your presence in this present time, no pretense, no offense and no defense to chime. Simply stay, remain by my side."............Becky Butler


I think the worm is awesome myself, the moth looks like sanded, smoothed, wood grain knit it’s own pattern. To go from that, to that refined is amazing!!!!!!  We go from crawling, to soaring. The chrysalis is in between.
The caterpillar dissolves into gooey substance, and from that, the wings for flight and a new body is readied for when we can break free, transitioning into fullness of destiny's flight.
The goo, the breakdown process. We are cocooned, alone and broken, shattered, unable to stand due to this transformation.
People speak of caterpillar to a butterfly as this elegant, transformation and it is. But people don't think of the in between to get to that place in life to soar and take flight.
God often breaks us down, cause we've been crawling to long. Our destiny is not in this place of brokenness. But when enveloped by God, the breaking down and dissolves you of past circumstances that have held you back.
So blessed when we let God have a crack. Cause we aren't meant to stay in the cocoon either. That's not destiny. We need to know we WILL get through and beyond the goo stages of life.
Emerging graceful. Elegant, serene, enchanted. Captivating beauty upon whatsoever it lands. Made new, made whole  to take finally take flight and to finally soar.......becky butler

Vision's Expression Photo Gallery Flow of Current Pieces


Amazingly, we have a God who takes 

the chaotic travesties of life

that have shattered us into fragmented 

slivers of brokenness.

Into a mosaic. 

God takes our broken and shattered pieces of pain, 

loss, human frustration and human need, and puts 

the slivers and shattered pieces back together 

cemented concretely in His love, healing, 

purpose and perspective. 

An entirely new work of art has been forged 

in the broken places. While we may not look 

as we did before trauma's toll. Each sliver 

and shard is carefully placed by the hands 

of the Master Craftsman, concretely set in love,

to bestow and reflect beauty. 

Our brokenness is what allows Him to recreate us 

into His Masterpiece. That once reflected wounds, 

but now the places of healing are evident, in the 

mosaic setting of piecing us back together.

We can see pieces of who we "are" at the core.

Who we were, without God.

As the grout of His

love and Truth is spread over every broken

shattered piece. Cementing the beauty that God 

crafted us to walk in. With every line filled in,

visible so that others may know, 

true beauty comes in our choice of 

how we pick the pieces up...


Becky Butler

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Emphysema Encouragment
I also have emphysema and it's a beautiful representation to me of the struggle to breath. The lungs and bronchi extending into the Alveoli, Which is the place in the lungs of .The colors she used hold much meaning for me.

Green is for growth, sprouting and blossoming. Purple for Crohn's and Pancreatic Cancer awareness. Blue for the times in life when the exhale is difficult to find. Yellow is for the Sun/Son.I am not going to crop it Mary Jo I like it as it is...Art is subjective and each one interprets through their own filters and experiences. I don't know what you are making Mary Jo, but it's beautiful and difference for each one of us to interpret. Your blessings bless others. ~Becky (Painting by Mary Jo Ritchea-Larez)

Enjoy the interlude, and stillness of Quiet that is so desperately needed, in order to sense directions ©

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